Clinical Diagnostic Laboratory Fee Schedules. Outpatient clinical laboratory services are paid based on a fee schedule in accordance with Section 1833 (h) of the Social Security Act. Payment made is the lesser of the amount billed, the local fee for a geographic area, or a national limit. In accordance with the statute, the national limits are. 4/30/2022. 12VAC30-80-30. Fee-for-service providers. A. Payment for the following services, except for physician services, shall be the lower of the state agency fee schedule ( 12VAC30-80-190 has information about the state agency fee schedule) or actual charge (charge to the general public). Except as otherwise noted in this section, state. 11105 Punch bx skin ea sep/addl 1.79 $70.00 $125.30 11106 Incal bx skn single les 4.67 $70.00 $326.90 11107 Incal bx skn ea sep/addl 2.14 $70.00 $149.80.

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